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The small-scale private enterprise "Phoenix" is a legal person, subject of enterprising activity. The company carries out its activity starting with its state registration in November 1991. On April 26, 1995 the Certificate of the company was changed. In 2009 small-scale private enterprise "Phoenix" turned 18!

Legal address of the company: Ukraine, 58000, Chernivtsi city, 6, I. Franka St. Apt. 1.

The activity focus of the company includes:

  • Building activity.
  • Carrying out building work.
  • Civil and industrial building.
  • Reconstruction work.
  • Major repairs.
  • Assembling constructions of outside and inside engineering networks and systems.
  • Assembling technological equipment for the building industry.
  • Wholesale trade of ironware, water supply and heating equipment.
  • Retail sale trade of ironware, dyes and glass.
  • Whole sale trade of waste products and scrap.
  • Wholesale trade of building materials.
  • Real estate transactions.

The company takes an active part in the actions organized by and carried out by the state bodies, bodies of local self-governing.

One of the essential factors of the social policy is our company creating new working places, timely payment of work and social protection, filling the budget.

The small-scale private enterprise "Phoenix" closely collaborates with the state and municipal power bodies. Work is being done in the direction of: POWER – BUSINESS – CITIZEN.

Our target is to build a strong, lawful and economically stable state, developing the enterprise by using new technologies in the building industry, creating new working places, building high quality, comfortable living quarters and non-living premises, attracting investments, according to the legal mechanisms etc.

There works a team of professionals in the company, who provide functional work of such departments as accounting, economic and financial, production and technical, supplies and sales, human resources. The legal activity of the company is provided by a legal expert, the functioning of the office activity – by the secretary-reader.

An important component of the small-scale private enterprise "Phoenix" is our fellow-workers; we have a careful and qualified approach to the staff selection. Professionalism is a feature which combines quality and responsibility. Thus, young people who have successfully completed their studies at the institutions of higher instruction and work in our company (having passed preliminary selection and training-courses) have somebody to learn from, as the managers of all departments are professional and qualified people with over 15-20 years of experience. The employees of the company took extension courses in the city of Kyiv, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, the city of Chernivtsi and received the corresponding certificates; they participate in work-shops, training courses (accounting and taxation in construction, budget programs, legislation in construction, personnel, office work etc.). We continue our work in the direction of heightening the professional skills of our fellow-workers, because there is a proverb: “The personnel is the most essential key to success”, therefore this aspect of work is in the center of our attention.

During the last years of its activity the small-scale private enterprise "Phoenix" increased the volume of building, broadened the production potentials, created new work places. Throughout its activity, the company perfectly worked through the building technology, occupying in this way a firm stand on the real estate market of Ukraine.

While carrying out the building work there are being used new building technologies and necessary mechanisms: automobile cranes, excavators, bulldozers, concrete mixers, other technical equipment, which is the property of the company. New trucks enlarged the motor park of the company.

The company is supplied with electric hand tools and mechanization means, other necessary building equipment.

Providing a natural work rhythm – is first of all well-coordinated work of all the workers, who in order to achieve the result (in our case it is constructing a building unit and its timely putting into operation), carry out their work in a workmanlike, reliable, efficient and professional manner, which has become the slogan of the small-scale private enterprise "Phoenix": “QUALITY. RELIABILITY. PROFESSIONALISM.

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SPE "Phoenix"
nChernivtsi city 6
nIvana Franka St., Apt 1

Tel./fax: (0372) 55-62-48
nTel.:            (0372) 55-93-36
nTel./fax: (0372) 54-19-08

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