МПП Фенікс

"It will be generous a heart the во name of good,

humaneness and justice"

MPP "Phoenix" in 2005a financial help is rendered educational DNZ №3 m Tchernivtsi,  by a size a 32 481грн.60 cop..Zakupleno for preschool educational establishment №3 :90шт.стільців to the amount of 3420грн., зроблно repair in a hall, a roof is repaired, gutters, linoleum, window shades, are changed.Given help on equipping with modern amenities territory of DNZ №3.

By leader MPP "PHOENIX of,який in 2005 attached to the city eleemosynary action of "Miloserdya",bulo перерахувано money in size of 10 000 Uah. in the proper fund of city Tchernivtsi.

Building of child's ground in the m of Chenivtsi, спонсор- of MPP "Phoenix". An inauguration took place in  September of 2005 р., what became a pleasant surprise for children and adults.A ground parts on three areas: child - to 10 years, weeds for football, volley-ball and basket-ball, trainer complex.In the moment of opening of,аналогів of this child's ground in town Tchernivtsi, it is not.It the first child and sporting health-improvement the ground  of producer of "KSIL",yakiy is opened in our town.Cost together with  облаштування near 200 000 Uah.

On occasion of Day of Saint of Mikolaya of,керівник  of MPP"Feniks" Beshevli I.v., the "Regional specialized house of child" congratulated the pupils of communal medical establishment in m Tchernivtsi. Transferring in 2007 on charity money is in size of 10 000грн..                            

   Dear babies!

Sincerely welcome you with Day of Saint of Mikolaya of Wonder-worker – one of the lightest and gladdest christian holidays, that will bring gladness to you, light and pleasant surprises. With arrival in this day each of us expects a little miracle, звершити which it is in strength only to Saint. Let in winter frosts a warm holiday and Saint of Mikolay warms you will carry out all your desires! To the world to you and good, happiness, consent and prosperity, light gladness and merry holiday!

MPP "Phoenix" cares of educational level of young people, and consequently by the repeated help in 2008 sending of financing became to the purchase of компютерної and technical means and equipment for educational establishments m Tchernivtsi, in particular the Tchernivtsi industrial college.

In 2008 ,за initiatives of leader MPP "Phoenix", there is Tchernivtsi to marking of 600-yr. city , over 200 000 тис.грн..Виконано works were directed for відновленю of the new, forged entrance gates in an arch for the street of I.Franka, 6, in accordance with the overhead element of entrance and archived information.Oblashtuvannyu of coverage of passage-way in an arch and repair of elements of facade (parapets, козирьки, forged elements for support of grape-vine et cetera) of,відновлено and the reconstruction of arch of всередені is conducted from the maintainance of frescos.Money is transferred in the fund of city for the reconstruction of house on one of streets of city Tchernivtsi.

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