МПП Фенікс

In of the central office of enterprise you will be able:

  • To of get complete information about the objects of building which carries out an enterprise.
  • To of familiarize with planning of housings and unoccupied apartments.
  • To of familiarize with дозвільними documents.
  • To of familiarize with the mechanism of bringing in of money in accordance with the current legislation of of Ukraine.
  • To of get the help of lawyers and economists at processing of all necessary documents.
  • Otrimanti of exhaustive information on financial institutions, insurance companies which are the partners of of MPP”Feniks” of and to get consultation in relation to the mortgage crediting of the real estate already put into an operation.(for and desire, the proper information you will be able to get and in bank institutions which are our partners).
  • Escorted of by the manager of enterprise to visit and building object and get skilled consultation in relation to building, build materials, equipment but other

  1. A conclusion of Exclusive Treaty is with physical and legal persons.
  2. Free advertising in MASS-MEDIA and on official Web-site of enterprise.
  3. All operations are with the housing real estate:
    • Sale, Purchase, Settling apart of apartments of the second market;
    • Settling out of inhabitants is from houses during the leadthrough of reconstruction;
    • Sale and Purchase of new buildings;
    • Sale and Purchases of elite apartments;
    • Arenda of apartments, rooms, elite suites of rooms, houses, cottages;
    • Sale and Purchase of houses, cottages, дач and lot lands.
  4. Operations are with the commercial real estate:
    • Sale and realization of apartments, different family, setting;
    • Handing over is in the lease of objects of the commercial real estate;
    • Advising is in relation to tendencies and кон'юктури market of the commercial real estate;
    • Legal accompaniment.
  5. Estimation of the real estate:
    • During a sale and receipt of credit in security;
    • For determining size of rent;
    • Under time acceptance on balance;
    • At distributing of property, upon request of judicial instances;
    • During privatization of enterprises(all patterns of ownership);
    • At departure on PMP.
  6. Services to the enterprises:
    • Investors and organizations which get apartments after взаємозаліками have realization and buying apartments back;
    • Realization of apartments is in new buildings;
    • Corporate maintenance of enterprises and organizations.
  7. Accompaniment of agreements:
    • Preparation of documents is on alienation of apartments, rooms, houses, cottages, дач, lot lands;
    • A leadthrough of calculations is in accordance with agreements.Forms of calculations (g.,б/г.,);
    • Additional services are in accordance with an agreement with a client.
  8. Other services:
    • Services are in introduction of objects to exploitation;
    • Services are in relation to legitimation of переплановання and wilful building;
    • Concordance of project document in the organs of держнагляду with delivery of permission on building;
    • An architectural supervision is after building;
    • Drafting project-estimate to the document;
    • Privatization and taking of lot lands;
    • Changes are in relation to the having a special purpose setting of areas;
    • Building dwelling and civil for legal and physical entities on territory of Ukraine.
    • Major repairs, дезайн and repair.  

9.     Legal accompaniment of legal and physical entities.

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